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Q&A with Royle Printing

Q&A with Royle Printing

A Q&A with Chris Carpenter, President and Owner of Royle Printing.

Quick Facts: 

Company Name: Royle Printing

Opened: 1948

Employees: 285


Royle Printing has two facilities located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

  • Headquarters: 745 S. Bird Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
  • Success Way: 1750 Success Way, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Target Customers:

Royle Printing has proudly served the needs of publishers, associations, catalogers, universities and corporate partners for over 70 years. We take pride in providing innovative and adaptable print and digital solutions to our clients.



Tell Us About Your Company: 

Located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Royle Printing has proudly served the needs of publishers, associations, catalogers and corporate partners for over 70 years. From our humble beginnings as a newspaper publisher to our current role of providing innovative and adaptable print and digital solutions to our clients, our brand is built on integrity and ingenuity. Our goal is to be viewed as a leading resource of print and digital solutions, helping our clients choose the right blend of mediums to execute their marketing strategies. As multi-channel marketing and communication tactics continue to evolve, Royle Printing continues to press forward with investments in new technologies and equipment; keeping our clients and Royle at the forefront of this evolution.


What makes Royle unique?

A cornerstone of our heritage and future rests in our culture, something we’re quite proud of at Royle. Our culture is focused on people – our employees, clients, business partners and the community. This focus has grown and fostered a unique and thriving organization that sets Royle Printing apart from many other companies. We retain some of the best people in the printing industry, many of whom have an average tenure of 15 years with the company. Whether it’s one of our highly skilled estimators, press operators, or customer service professionals, the Royle service team combines commitment, creativity and many years of knowledge to provide you with a great customer experience.


What services can you offer Florida magazine publishers?

Royle offers a diverse array of capabilities for our customers. A wide assortment of press and bindery equipment in our facilities assures we can execute a variety of formats, treatments, and ancillary pieces without the need to outsource. Our success lies with the knowledge and expertise of our team. Going well beyond paper and ink to provide creative & adaptable resources to our clients. From our state-of-the-art prepress department, to press, bindery and mailing and distribution, Royle is a one-stop-shop printer. Our Sunday Presses are designed for short to medium press runs and deliver 4, 8, 16 and 24-page signatures. Our newest Manroland ROTOMAN Press is best suited for long press runs and can deliver 32-page signatures. Our KBA Sheetfed press is ideal for unique cover treatments or short-run covers and ancillary items. We also take great pride in our Power of Print Program where we work with our customers and staff to package the most attractive pieces for advertisers or ancillary items to engage your readers. From Bellybands, Gatefold Covers, UV Coatings and Varnishes, Royle offers more than 13 different ancillary offerings for our customers.


How is your team handling the challenges presented by COVID-19? 

Royle feels very fortunate to be deemed an essential business since COVID-19 effected our nation in March. Royle is a strong and financially healthy company and has been lucky to be able to keep operating our business as usual. We’ve been busier than ever and have been celebrating some big milestones as a company during these tough times, from installing a new Manroland ROTOMAN press, making several new key hires and continuing to serve our customers. During an uncertain time in our country and the general economy, our goal has been to continue to gain our customers, distributors and partners confidence in Royle so we can continue to serve them.


Why Did you Decide to Join FMA? 

Royle takes great pride in its involvement of industry organizations and FMA seemed like a great partnership for us. Royle currently prints many publications throughout the Florida market and we’re looking to expand our partnership with other organizations throughout the sunshine state. We recently hired Chris Portalatin as a Sales Representative for Royle as he permanently resides outside of Palm Beach County. Portalatin has served on the FMA board as an associate member and the chair of marketing and membership committee for over 5 years.

We look forward to our membership and the new partnerships we develop for years to come!


What’s Your Vision for Royle Over the Next Decade?

Let’s Keep Printing! We look forward to being able to serve our customers for years to come. In a decade, I’m confident that Royle will have added additional facilities, equipment and key personnel to our team. We’re always hiring and looking for the best talent in the print industry. We’d welcome a conversation with anyone who’d like to learn more about Royle. Print is our passion and we look forward to serving our customers for the next decade and beyond!