New Member Spotlight: The Well of PBC

New Member Spotlight: The Well of PBC

Publisher: Lauren Zuchman

Circulation: Online bimonthly with special print issues

Target Audience: Palm Beach County residents, professionals, systems, and sectors with a vested interest in, and passion for, behavioral health, wellness, and for the community to thrive.

Website: www.bewellpbc.org/media/the-well-of-pbc/

Who is The Well of PBC?
A collective and inclusive convening of Palm Beach County residents and professionals of all ages sharing their stories, lived experiences, and resources related to behavioral health and wellness.

What is your vision over the next five years? 
We want to showcase community impact on a local scale. We want Palm Beach County residents to have a vested stake in this publication and co-own its creativity and voice to make it a truly local resource. We want residents to know their neighbors support and advocate for strong behavioral health and wellness and do so by sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes.

What was one of the best articles you published in the past year?
It’s hard to pick one — they’re all so special in different ways. Our articles are snapshots of moments in time — conversations the community is having through interviews and contributed articles from community voices sharing unique, lived, and learned experiences. Two that stand out are a piece written by a returning citizen about how he is rebuilding his life with purpose, and a feature story about how Palm Beach County is coming together around the neuroarts to promote human flourishing. In all our articles, we aspire to highlight how the human experience is the common thread that unites us.

Best cover of past year? 
The February 2022 cover represents our commitment and continual journey towards inclusivity in addition to being a great example of local artist and our creative director Sunman’s artwork for the publication. And our October 2022 cover is at the forefront of the conversation about NeuroArts — recognized by the creators of the NeuroArts Blueprint and shared on their platform.

Why did you decide to join the Florida Magazine Association? 
To be part of something greater — to connect with and be inspired by other publications, to learn and grow from subject matter experts, and to use this wisdom to the benefit of our residents and ourselves, elevating The Well of PBC to be the shining beacon of knowledge, support, and community we strive towards.