New Member Spotlight: Living in Horizon West

New Member Spotlight: Living in Horizon West

Publisher: Cynthia Dailey

Circulation: 10k/year

Target Audience: Community of Horizon West, Florida.

Website: http://horizonwestlife.com

Who is Living in Horizon West?

Living in Horizon West is the community’s only printed resource guide created for Horizon Westerners, by Horizon Westerners, and entirely focused on the people and offerings within the Horizon West community. This focus is intentional and meant to nurture community connections for residents as well as support economic development of our hometown, with the vision of helping us all live our best life here in Horizon West.

What is your vision for the magazine over the next five years? 

To provide mental space for our community members to feel and be energized around concepts that inspire them to live their best life. To create print and online content that compels the viewer to learn something new, feel affinity for it, and move forward by taking action.

 Why did you decide to join the Florida Magazine Association?

Our organization has fostered a strong sense of community in the Horizon West area through many efforts, from community events, to social engagement, to our printed annual magazine. Our growing community thrives when it stops to consider how change can actually result in better things down the road, so we are exploring the best ways to leverage and expand the magazine offering to better serve the community we live, work and play in.