Hall of Fame

The Florida Magazine Association’s Hall of Fame recognizes career-long achievement and excellence within the publishing industry. In addition to being at the pinnacle of his or her career, hall of famers also give back to the magazine industry, either through industry associations or other voluntary and cooperative forms of service.

The Florida Magazine Association accepts nominations throughout the year for the Hall of Fame Award. The submission deadline is July 31. If a nominee is selected, induction into the FMA Hall of Fame occurs during the FMA Annual Conference.


2011: Frankie Hammond

Frankie Hammond: Frankie A. Hammond is an Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida. She joined the faculty at Florida in 1974 following a career in newspapers, human resources, and as a freelance writer and editor. During her time at the university, she served in many capacities including chair of the Department of Public Relations, associate chair of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, and Director of Development and Placement. During the 1980s, she coordinated the magazine contest for the Florida Magazine Association, chaired the annual Editor’s Conference, and served on its Board of Directors. She retired from UF in 2000 and lives in Alachua.

2011: Adam Sandow

Adam Sandow: Adam I. Sandow is the founder of Sandow Media Corporation and serves as its Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board. From December 1994 to January 1999, he was President of Travel Publishing Group Inc., a consumer magazine publisher. Previously, Mr. Sandow launched his first national consumer magazine: Honeymoon. He served as Principal of the Internet start-up, The Knot. His entrepreneurial expertise and extensive knowledge of the media industry was instrumental in orchestrating The Knot’s explosive growth.

2010: Charles Wellborn

Charles Wellborn: 2010 Hall of Fame Acceptance Comments from his daughter—”My family and I are very grateful. Of all of the professional associations Charlie was associated with, FMA was his favorite. Magazine editing was his passion. He appreciated the creative side of the communications business and felt his calling was teaching technical skills to students that would help them get jobs. He had little interest or patience with the Ivory Tower aspect of academics. He was a teaching professional. And, he was the master. I remember the ubiquitous stacks of magazines in our living room (I remember in particular Florida Cattlemen and Bass Fishing … God Bless Florida). I remember coming to FMA conferences as a child and reveling in his critiques. I don’t think he had any formal training in design theory; he just intuitively knew what looked good—effective and accurate copy, strategic use of color, white space and photography. … His greatest creative joy was magazine editing and FMA provided that outlet for him. My family and I are so honored that he is receiving a lifetime accomplishment award from FMA. Nothing would make him any happier or proud. Thank you so much.”

2008: Frank Stephenson

Frank Stephenson: Director of Communications, Office of Research and Editor, Research in Review, Florida State University. Frank has been editor of Research in Review, the university’s sole publication dedicated exclusively to promoting public appreciation for campus research and scholarship, for some three decades. Trained in biological science at the University of Alabama and subsequently in journalism at the University of South Carolina, he worked in industry as an environmental specialist, as a freelance writer and photographer and also in public service as an information officer for various government agencies before joining the Office of Research in 1982. He is a veteran member of the University Research Magazine Association, a national professional peer group, is a former long-standing member and past board member of the Florida Magazine Association and is a member of the National Association of Science Writers. In 2005 he was elected to the board of directors of the Tallahassee Scientific Society.