Publisher Member

Who qualifies for Magazine Membership

Publisher Membership may be extended by the board of directors to sole proprietors, firms, partnerships or corporations, or individuals employed by publishers or editors engaged in publishing one or more magazines that are print, digital* or both in nature, which meet the following criteria:

  1. The magazine must be published in Florida. It may be local, regional, statewide, national or international in scope and coverage.
  2. The magazine must be published no fewer than two times a year. The magazine must present two issues to the board of directors for consideration. The board of directors will then review the two issues and at its discretion, may approve the magazine’s membership under the Publisher membership category. If the magazine does not meet the criteria set by the board, the magazine will not be accepted into FMA membership as a Publisher member and must apply under the Affiliate Membership category.
  3. For any four consecutive issues, the publication must have an average minimum editorial content (nonadvertising) of 25 percent.
  4. The publication must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Florida Magazine Association.
  5. The publication must present verification of circulation on demand to the Florida Magazine Association.

* Digital Magazine Criteria

Digital magazines encompass digital flipbook formats or digital magazine hubs (i.e., magazines that are not structured as a traditional digital flipbook; rather, they operate more like a website). Regardless of medium, digital magazines must possess the following attributes:

  • A content archive
  • A defined editorial structure
  • Content curation and bespoke writing

Recurring themes and departments

updated 12.18.23

Annual Dues

$400 + $50 per additional title

  • Publisher Membership: $400
    • This fee includes membership for 1 magazine title per year.
  • Additional Title Fee: $50 per title
    • This fee applies to publishers registering two or more magazines as part of their group membership in addition to the Publisher Membership fee of $400.

How to Apply for Membership

Application Form

Approval Process

Applications for Magazine membership shall be made in writing on forms to be furnished by the association. The two most recent issues of each publication must accompany the application. An application fee in an amount equal to one year’s dues, which sum will be credited to dues if membership is approved and refunded if application is denied, shall accompany each application for Magazine membership. Magazine membership shall be granted by a majority vote of the board of directors at the next regularly scheduled directors’ meeting after the application date. If your application is not accepted all prepaid dues will be refunded within 5 business days.


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